Impact Investing : GAIN has a New Ending for Investment’s Story

Once upon a time, the race of investment. A place where shark fights decide who will come out with the most profitable opportunity, no matter the cost and the impact. In the global vision of people, That is what investment means. Until GAIN resets the rules by sustaining impact investing. In fact, we want to create a community that includes reputable professionals, domain experts, accredited private equity angel investors, public and private partners, all united around a common goal: sharing their time, network and hard-earned experience to improve our global economies and societies.
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Who we are

Geneva Angel Investor Network (GAIN) is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland, that connects early-stage impact-driven startups and SMEs with investors, resources and partners they need to thrive.

Impact Investing | Meet Our Board

Youness Yaghcha


Diego Torreira


Maurice Gaillard

Founding and Board Member

Aijing Liu

Board Member

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Lilach Trabelsi

Research Project Lead, Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights at Université de Genève

Roxane Allot

Attorney-at-law at Jacquemoud & Stanislas

Valérie Sfeir

Director at Friends-International Suisse / Program Director at IFPD

Pierre-Alain Masson

Co-Founder at Seedstars

Dr. iur Fabien Liégeois

Attorney-at-Law CMS at Von Erlach Poncet AG

Lorenzo Niola

Head of Ecosystem Development at Hatch CoLab

Our values



Everything starts with responsibilities. It is time to realize how much our decisions have a social and environmental impact for the future. If we want to create a better world, we need to take responsibility now.



At GAIN, we break the rules of conventional investment. We look for innovative projects and ambitious entrepreneurs, with no fear to propose new ideas. Innovation also means change.



We don’t measure the potential of a project only by the profit it generates. In the GAIN ecosystem, values, impact and goals have as much weight as results.



Our strategy is based on responding to a need and bringing a solution. To do that,
we choose quality instead of quantity by selecting only the most promising impact-driven startups in Switzerland to pitch to passionate investors.