GAIN Members | An Incredible Opportunity

Want to participate in a worthy cause by investing in the future of the economy in Romandie and with a global impact? You are on the right page. Let’s start from the beginning – How can we help you reach your goal?

What does it mean to be a GAIN Member?

In other words, who has the perfect profile to become a GAIN Member?

A GAIN Member knows the value of time and wants to share theirs for the development of the Romandie region. GAIN is looking to collaborate with passionate Members who wish to build relationships in the impact community, and to help GAIN startups in solving some of the biggest challenges that they are facing, starting with fundraising. GAIN Members are open to interesting private equity proposals. 

Charter Membership

GAIN reserves several exclusive advantages for Founding Members. However, Charter memberships are limited to a maximum of 25. Founding Members:


Are influencers in the impact community.


Are passionate experts in their respective field.


Provide their input during the due diligence process conducted for companies, to help us select the projects that will advance to the next step.


Are recognized as founding members and grant assistance to set up syndication.

What are the benefits for GAIN Members?

GAIN wishes to thank you for your involvement. What better way than by proposing you high-quality ESG, SDGs and social impact deals?

We promise a real business ecosystem, and we aim to deliver. Being a GAIN Member:


Provides you with access to a database of local investments.

Enables you, via GAIN’s team, to get in touch with successful start-ups and SMEs that have been carefully selected by our investment team.

Allows you to benefit from our networking opportunities.

Our members constitute a community. We help the community build relationships with professionals that share similar visions and ambitions. 

Opens doors to business collaborations.

Provides you access to events hosted by GAIN that include the participation of the cream of the crop in impact investing, companies and members included.

All of these benefits in a single place !


To learn more about all the other benefits, please get in touch with us.

How to become a GAIN Member?


Contact us to receive your membership application form!

Important: GAIN does not charge any investment commissions, finder’s fees, investment management fees, or exit fees.